ABOUT Area Management

In recent years area management efforts have been practiced throughout the country, such as the downtown area of large cities, commercial areas in rural cities, and suburban residential areas. In the Area Management Promotion Manual (2008) issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure ,Transport and Tourism, it is defined as "initiative by residents, business owners, landowners, etc. to maintain and improve good environment and regional value". In the Cabinet Secretariat and the Cabinet Office's Regional Revitalization Website, it is stated that (It is to be desired) actively engage in community and regional management with specific areas by the private people.

In any position, It is defined that private people rather than government should take an initiative to vitalize and improve the town in addition to improve the area brand that attracts people. Also, to change from hard to soft, it is to be desired to actively carries out making events and information dissemination as the main body.

In QUOL, the following three points are considered to be important.

  • various stakeholders who act as the main body will make the area busier, and solve the problems.
  • Manage the area while coordinating transversely and comprehensive by specialized system.
  • Not for the purpose of attract customers or sales promotion, but for the regional area branding and enhance the image of the area.

In addition, "Town Management" is a synonym, although there is a difference in the size of the target area.

quolity up of area branding & Image improve of the area


We will realize regional brand by new town development method such as area management · town management. We will consistently do it from strategy construction based on the perspective of the developer to site operation such as planning, design, event, information dissemination and so on. I am good at creating bustling, information dissemination, making mechanisms to earn money, especially in public spaces such as parks, plazas and road spaces.


QUOL utilizes the method of area management and town management to provide consistent service from local strategy development to operation.

Improve image of target area, improve brand, improve asset value


ACCESS 5-7-18 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Plaza Aoyama No. 103 No. 150-0001
Establishment date July 8, 2005
Capital 10 million yen
CEO Kurihara Tomomi
employee 15 people (July 2017)
Registration license number First class architect office Tokyo Governor Registration No. 51301


Tomomi Kurihara

President of QUOL Corporation
Area management designer (first-class architect)

Born in Kyoto City in 1966.
After graduating from Kyoto Institute of Technology, worked at a major developer.
When he was a major developer, was engaged in town management while undertaking large-scale complex development in the city center, and planning development of commercial facilities and others. He found new possibilities of "town planning” after while producing events and illumination that utilize the whole area.

After retiring from the developer in 2005, he established "QUOL", an area management special consulting company.
We call ourselves an area management designer and conduct strategic regional branding consulting incorporating “e li ma ne ” and design method. In the future, we are seeking a business model that straddles facilities, operations and business aiming at industrialization of area development.